Custom Shed Designs to Transform Your Property

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29 Feb Custom Sheds

Custom shed designs have become a popular solution for Australians looking to create workshops or storage spaces on their property. In this article, we’ll walk you through how a custom shed design can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs.

What to consider when designing a custom shed

Designing your dream shed is an exciting journey, and at Western Sheds, we’re here to help you navigate it with confidence. We’ve laid out the essential factors you should consider as part of your custom shed design process:


Your shed’s purpose is the cornerstone of its design. Consider what you will use your custom shed for; this will help you have clarity on the key elements you need to select to make the space functional and suited to your needs. In short, defining the purpose sets the stage for everything else.

Size & Space

As a first step, the size of your shed should align with its purpose. Think about how much space you need to comfortably store your belongings or engage in your chosen activities. Delve into how you’ll organize your tools, gear, and supplies for accessibility and safety.

If you have grand ambitions for your shed, like storing a boat or caravan, you will need to think “bigger”.


The placement of your shed is also important. If you’re planning on installing plumbing or electricity, you will want to consider the proximity to mains. If you will use the space to store vehicles, then access is an important factor you don’t want to overlook.

Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to use your shed? For occasional use, prioritising storage and security might be the focus. However, if it’s a workspace where you’ll spend a lot of time, think about both functionality and comfort. Consider windows for natural light, insulation, and roof ventilation.

Suitability to your Environment

Choosing the right exterior for your custom shed is also an important factor. At Western Sheds & Garages, we use high-quality BlueScope Steel, which is most suited for tackling Perth’s weather.

Your shed’s exterior can be robust while still pleasing to the eye. If design is your priorities, you can consider customising the appearance with standard or barn style windows, glass sliding doors, garage doors etc.

Future Needs

Anticipate your future requirements. Design your custom shed so that with flexibility in mind to accommodate new hobbies, storage needs, or activities down the road.

Popular Perth Custom Shed Designs

There are so many great features you can incorporate in your custom shed design to maximise functionality, aesthetics, and meet your specific needs. Here are just some of the most popular custom shed features in Perth:

Extra Height

Adding extra interior height is a popular customisation, especially for Perth homeowners who love boating, camping and the great outdoors. The extra clearance is perfect for storing your boat, kayak, caravan, camper trailer or other recreational vehicles undercover. It also provides plenty of room to stand and work comfortably.


Insulating your custom shed is great for temperature control. At Western Sheds, we offer several insulation add-ons for custom sheds, from 3-in-1 multipurpose solutions, to aids in the prevention of condensation.

Windows & doors

Installing windows is an excellent way to fill your custom shed with natural light. You can choose to customise your shed with clear or obscure glass windows, standard sized or barn style windows.

There are several access points to choose form also, from sliding glass door windows to personal access doors, to larger rolling doors.


By incorporating mezzanine space, you can significantly increase the usable area of your custom shed without sacrificing any yard space.

Explore Custom Sheds in Perth

A custom shed offers virtually endless possibilities. By customising the size, layout, features, and accessories, you can create the perfect shed solution tailored to your property, lifestyle and needs.

Whether you’re exploring options for your hobbies, storage needs, or workspace, we’ve got you covered. At Western Sheds & Garages, our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that your unique vision becomes a reality.

Discover the world of custom sheds and start designing the space of your dreams.