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If you’re looking to obtain a quote for a custom shed to suit your space, budget, and needs, you’ve come to the right place!

The form below outlines all of the considerations ahead of a new design and build, so we invite you to add your requirements and desired specifications. Once you’ve submitted your quote request, a friendly member of our team of experts will be in touch with an obligation-free quote tailored to your exact needs.

If you aren’t ready with all of the details for the quote request, feel free to use our Design Your Own Shed interactive tool to get inspiration, or simply contact us with your vision and we can help you narrow down the options.

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Understanding Our Process

We’re known as the go-to company for machinery sheds in Perth thanks to our easy process, advanced software, and efficient systems. Our team of professionals are seasoned experts in maintaining a smooth process throughout each stage of the project, which has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients.

The process is easier than you might expect, so we’ve summarised how it works below.

Obtaining the brief

We start the process by taking down your requirements to get all the info we need about what you’re after. We’ll then walk you through our range of quality machinery sheds in Perth for sale, nailing down the specifics like height, span, length, and style.

Additions and accessories

Once the main requirements are finalised, it’s time to consider accessories and additions to add further functionality to your shed. This includes internal and external walls, various types of doors and windows, and so much more.

Designing your perfect shed

Thanks to our state-of-the-art design software, we can input your precise requirements to output an advanced design that is perfectly tailored to your needs in just minutes. We encourage collaboration too, so we welcome you to get as involved as possible in this stage so we find the perfect design together.

Manufacturing stage

Once the final design has been approved, it’s time to begin manufacturing. Our professional building crew will manufacture and craft your shed kit with precision and efficiency, ready for you to install on-site.

Installation phase

Once your shed is ready, we offer two options for installation. You can either pick up your shed from us in kit form and install it yourself (we offer delivery options as well), or our recommended team of qualified builders can install the shed on-site for you. Please note you’ll need a solid concrete slab ready ahead of installation, and while our expert building crew can take care of laying those concrete floors and setting up your custom shed, we don’t handle electrical or water work, so you’ll need someone else for that.

Farm shed with closed-in lean-to Perth

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