Steel offers unparalleled benefits for shed construction from durability to design flexibility.

With custom steel sheds from Western Sheds, you can enjoy strong structures tailored to your specifications with minimal maintenance required. Our BlueScope Steel sheds are built to last for decades, providing long-lasting spaces for secure storage, vehicles, workshops and more.

When it comes to choosing a designer and builder, like steel, Western Sheds leads the pack as the strongest and smartest option for your shed build.

Selecting the right material

Why Choose Steel for Your Shed?

Strength & Durability

Steel outweighs alternative building materials for resilience. With proper maintenance, a steel shed frame and cladding will easily last over 50 years. It withstands expansion, contraction and any weather condition Perth throws its way.

Design Flexibility

Whether you need residential storage, a workspace, or industrial-sized warehousing, steel construction can be adapted to your specifications. Wall height, span length, and roofing can all be customised thanks to the modular nature of steel components.

Low Maintenance

Steel sheds are perfect for low fuss functionality. Beyond an occasional wash, steel requires virtually no upkeep compared to timber alternatives susceptible to elements. You save valuable time and money down the track.

The Western Sheds difference

What sets our steel sheds apart?

Locally Made Steel
We work with Australian BlueScope Steel to create custom frames and cladding, tailored to your specifications.

Precision Build Process
With advanced equipment and decades of combined expertise, our team constructs each shed to precise engineering standards for solid performance.

Professional Installation Crews
Our team of installers have years navigating custom installations across Perth sites. They’ll ensure seamless integration on your property for long-term functionality.

Ongoing Support
We stand behind our work with extended steel shed warranties. And our team is ready to assist with any future maintenance queries or servicing needs.

Building better steel sheds

Our Steel Shed Building Process

Design & Planning

At Western Sheds, we handle your entire custom steel shed building project from initial consult right through to final installation for the ultimate seamless experience.

Council Approval

Our team prepares all documentation for council approval, taking care of any back and forth. We ensure your custom steel shed meets the required regulations.

Site Preparation

We can help prepare your site by providing advice on levelling the ground, clearing vegetation, and pouring the engineered concrete slab matched to your soil type.

Steel Shed Construction

With council approval, our team then begins constructing your shed. We assemble the BlueScope steel frame, clad the exterior in durable COLORBOND® sheeting, taking care to integrate any doors, windows, or other extras you’ve selected.

Installation & Inspection

As the final step, we can install your completed steel shed on-site, ensuring proper alignment and integration with the slab. After a final quality inspection, your new steel shed will be ready for use.

Communication & Milestones

Throughout the end-to-end process, our project manager remains in close contact to answer any questions and keep you up to date with progress milestones.

As loved by our

Loyal Customers

Could not be happier with my steel shed from Western Sheds. Andrew and his team were non pushy, friendly, professional, efficient and cost effective. If you are in the market for a new shed make sure you check out Western Sheds.


Had a 6×6 steel shed built in the backyard. From start to finish Andrew and the team have been incredible to deal with, from planning and drawing stages right up to finished product. Professional service, great advice and top quality. Highly recommended.


We've got you covered

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a steel shed last?

Our custom steel sheds are built to last, with a lifespan extending over 25 years. These sheds are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance.

Do I need council approval for a steel shed in Perth?

Yes, all sheds over 10m2 require council approval. Part of our complete custom steel shed building process includes handling the approval paperwork and applications for you from start to completion, working closely with your council area to ensure regulations are met.

What are some great uses for a residential steel shed in Perth?

Custom steel sheds on Perth properties can flexibly serve as secure storage, garages & carports, hobby workshops, teenage retreats and more based on fit out. For car and boat enthusiasts we add openings and install flooring durable enough for vehicle movement in and out.

What areas do you service for steel shed construction around Perth?

As leading steel shed builders in Perth, we service clients across all suburbs and towns in the greater Perth metropolitan area and beyond. From as far north as Wanneroo down to Rockingham in the south. With decades of local experience, we understand block dimensions, council requirements, and weather conditions throughout the diverse Perth area to construct customised steel sheds perfectly suited to your property.

What size steel sheds can you build?

Our custom steel sheds can be built to nearly any dimensions to suit your requirements – from 20m2 to 500m2 plus. With smart planning and agile building processes, we can accommodate sheds of all sizes on Perth properties.

What frame and cladding do you use?

We utilise BlueScope Steel to create the robust frames and durable COLORBOND® cladding on our steel sheds. This ensures Australian-made quality.

Can you match COLORBOND® steel sheds to my home's colours?

Absolutely! We have access to a great range of standard and specialty COLORBOND steel colours to complement your home and yard’s existing colour scheme.

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