Perth Sheds Permits and Regulations

12 Jun Shed Building

When it comes to building a shed at your property in Perth, navigating through the necessary permits and regulations can give you a headache before you even get going. But fear not! In this helpful guide we aim to walk you through everything you need to know before building your future shed. From gaining the required permits and complying with local regulations. If you’re considering a future project for a spacious workshop or a large storage shed, understanding the requirements upfront can save you time, money, and those dreaded headaches down the road.

Understanding Perth Shed Regulations

Before diving into the specifics of shed permits, you should first understand the Perth regulations that are put in place for the construction of any new shed. There are already a set of mandatory guidelines you must follow here in Perth to ensure that the building of all new structures. When you build a custom shed it must meet certain safety standards and blend seamlessly into its surrounding environment. Many factors relating to shed building are included in the regulations. So it’s a good idea to become familiar with these to streamline the process of planning your shed without encountering those frustrating compliance issues. The most relevant details of shed construction you need to know are,

  • Anchoring and structural integrity
  • Acceptable height and overall size for your shed
  • Position of the shed in relation to the property boundary.

Navigating the Permit Process

In most cases the need for a building permit typically depends on the size and type of shed you are planning to build. While the construction of a smaller garage shed may not require a permit, a large farm shed, or workshop shed that exceeds certain dimensions usually will. And before you start construction you will first need to apply for a permit to meet legal and safety requirements. For sheds of a larger size, you should contact your local council as they can provide you with the necessary guidance on acquiring the right permits and any additional documentation you’ll need to provide, such as site plans or engineering drawings. The fastest and safest solution for getting the right permits is to work with a qualified shed building company who can acquire the necessary permit documentation on your behalf.

Factors Influencing Permit Requirements

To secure a permit for your shed project in Perth, the project must comply with several conditions. These include but are not limited to the purpose and intended use of your shed. Something else to think about is the location of the shed within the boundary of your property and its location in relation to pre-existing structures and buildings on the land. Depending on the area that you live, there may be further factors to consider; those in areas prone to bush fire or heritage listed area may have additional restrictions imposed. To avoid costly and time-consuming delays for planning your shed project, it is strongly advised that you consider the permit requirements prior to commencement.

Work With a Qualified Shed Builder like Western Sheds

The Perth Western Sheds team

Helping our customers navigate permits and building regulations for their sheds is our bread and butter. We can navigate all the complexities of shed construction in Perth. We will help you with all parts of the project; from designing the perfect space for your needs, to making sure your shed is compliant with permit regulations.

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Perth Sheds without the headaches

Navigating permits and regulations for sheds in Perth doesn’t have to be daunting. When you choose Western Sheds, we can help you to build your dream shed without stumbling into problems with the regulatory landscape. As well as this we can make sure that your shed design fits your every need. We offer a stress-free service with a friendly team of employees. So, whether you’re building a workspace, storage space or space for hobbies, will take care of all the procedural implications of the project so you don’t have to.

If you think that Western Sheds could be as good a fit for you as your next shed is to your property, get a quote from us today and let us bring your shed visions to life!