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How We Price Sheds in Perth

At Western Sheds, our shed pricing is customised for each client based on their unique specifications and project requirements. We don’t use “one-size-fits-all” packages. This ensures you only pay for what you actually need.

Our experienced team helps optimise the shed design for efficiency while meeting your storage needs. Meanwhile, our buying power with local suppliers keeps material costs affordable. This enables us to maintain competitive shed pricing across Perth without sacrificing our renowned quality or service.

Not every quote is equal

What Impacts Perth Shed Costs?

Size Matters

The overall shed dimensions largely affect pricing. Larger shed footprints require more materials, time, and labour. Layouts like multi-gables can also increase costs.

Style Choices

The type of shed impacts build complexity. Basic gable roofs are most affordable, whereas barns need additional framing. Garages and commercial sheds can come at a premium, depending on the final style.

Added Accessories

Windows, doors, skylights, and insulation all have associated expenses for both the materials and professional installation. We’ll help you consider which will provide the best ROI.

Site Preparation

Requirements like clearing trees, leveling sloped land and adding drainage can add costs before the shed installation even begins. We assess sites and recommend suitable foundations.

Delivery Fees

Charges vary based on shed size, accessibility, distance, and unloading. While delivery within to the Perth metro is relatively affordable, additional fees may apply for remote locations.

Installation Options

Self-installs can save money with DIY capability. Otherwise, our professional team provides complete assembly and council inspection to ensure proper build quality.

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What Affects Perth Shed Prices?

When embarking on a custom shed building project in Perth, one of the most important considerations is determining how the shed will be used and the style that best fits your needs. These factors have a significant influence on shed pricing.

Basic storage sheds with limited walls and access points tend to be the most budget-friendly options, but they can lack the design elements you desire for your shed.

Larger footprint workshops and multi-car garages can command higher price tags. Their expansive dimensions require substantially more materials, construction time, and labour costs compared to smaller sheds. However, they allow for secured parking and maximum workspace flexibility.

Multi-bay garage sheds are an excellent choice for hobbyists. The extra garage doors enable parking multiple vehicles while maintaining the workspace. However, this added utility necessitates greater financial investment in materials and build costs.

For commercial settings, industrial equipment sheds have more complex engineering specifications. They must withstand extremely heavy loads while meeting strict structural integrity standards. These robust construction requirements contribute to their increased price.

For hobbyists, barn-style sheds provide a loft area for increased storage versatility at a premium price. Gable sheds also offer an affordable, versatile storage option. Lean-to or skillion sheds maximise narrow side yard spaces economically.

Carefully weighing style and size selections based on your property, access, storage needs, and budget is critical when evaluating custom shed costs in Perth. Our team can provide guidance on these key factors to help identify the ideal shed meeting your goals affordably.

Personalised every time

Custom Designs Provide Greater Value

At Western Sheds, our pricing structure directly correlates to your custom shed specifications, not limited pre-determined packages. This tailored approach empowers our team to engineer the perfect shed solution for you within your outlined budget.

Our collaborative design process starts with an in-depth consultation to completely understand your needs. We discuss critical factors like intended use, desired size, layout preferences, height requirements, material choices, accessory options, and any special features.

Next, we create a detailed 3D model bringing your dream shed to life digitally. This allows us to fine-tune the design interactively with you until it aligns seamlessly with your vision.

With your custom shed finalised, our drafting experts produce comprehensive construction plans optimised for cost-effectiveness without compromising structural integrity or quality craftsmanship in any way.

This meticulous custom design process yields a shed crafted expressly for you, avoiding unnecessary expenses for components not suited to your storage needs. This is a common downside of more restrictive pre-fabricated shed kits.

Partner with our team to build a bespoke shed on your Perth property that completely fulfills your specific storage needs and budget goals through purposeful design.

A shed is an investment

Quality Materials & Workmanship Provide Enduring Value

At Western Sheds, we refuse to cut corners or compromise on quality in any way. We use high grade materials like quality BlueScope Steel for long-lasting performance.

Our team ensures meticulous fabrication, even on concealed framing not visible upon completion. This results in robust shed construction engineered to endure years of use.

From precisely cut flashings to sturdy build techniques honed through decades of experience, our skilled team focuses intently on critical construction details that enhance durability.

Thoughtful standard features like additional bracing, heavy-duty door hardware, and seamless accessory integration further improve functionality, performance, and longevity.

By adhering to strict build protocols, selecting premium materials, and providing responsive customer service every step of the way, we construct durable sheds tailored to thrive in Perth backyards and commercial settings alike.

This steadfast commitment to doing the job right the first time delivers a superior return on your investment for years to come. You would be hard-pressed to find another custom shed builder in Perth as focused on delivering lasting quality and value as Western Sheds.

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Customer Reviews

Western Sheds have been extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. Their prices are extremely reasonable and quality is to the highest standard. They provided me with an end-to-end solution and have delivered it to the highest standard keeping me informed throughout the whole process.


We've got you covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have standard shed prices?

No, all our sheds are custom designed and priced specifically for each client. This ensures you get full value for your investment.

What determines the price you quote me?

The main factors are size, style, materials, functionality, site conditions, delivery and installation needs. We provide guidance to optimise affordability.

Can you estimate pricing based on similar shed projects?

While each shed is unique, we can provide ballpark estimates for comparable builds regarding size, style, and functionality to help budgeting.

Do you offer free consultations or site visits in Perth?

Absolutely. We provide complimentary consultations and property assessments. This allows us to give accurate quotes based on your precise needs.

What is the payment structure?

  • Engineering Drawings: $1,000.00 is required to obtain your engineering drawings. This payment is applied to your account if you proceed with manufacturing your shed kit with us.
  • Manufacture: 50% of the remaining quoted price is payable to proceed with manufacturing your shed kit.
  • Pickup: The remaining 50% is payable in order to release your shed kit.

For example:

  • Total shed kit price: $5,000.00
    • 1st payment =$1,000.00
    • 2nd payment = $2,000.00
    • Final payment = $2,000.00

What payment methods are available?

Cash, cheque, EFT and EFTPOS. VISA/Mastercard credit/debit card transactions attract a surcharge.

Can I get a detailed quote with a complete price breakdown?

Yes, our team provides custom quotes outlining costs for all materials, labour, delivery, council permits, site prep and any accessories or services. This ensures complete transparency and ensures there are no surprises along the way.

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