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When it comes to delivering exceptional quality large sheds here in Perth, Western Australia, none compare to the advanced engineering capabilities, construction expertise, and stellar reputation of Western Sheds.

For years, we have provided owners of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties with large shed solutions scaled to their unique needs.

Most clients come to us seeking to maximise storage utility for vehicles, equipment, inventory, and more. By leveraging large sheds tailored around these assets, you amplify functionality while protecting valued investments from exposure. We understand the regional Perth climate presents challenges from seasonal rain and wind to scorching summers. Our specialised big sheds account for these conditions, incorporating aspects like robust framing, secure anchoring, weather-resistant steel cladding and proactive corrosion prevention.

Far beyond basic fabrication, our large shed service encompasses critical factors clients often overlook when attempting extensive shed projects without a general contractor at the helm. We possess all required advanced credentials along with decades of learned insights constructing thousands of large Perth sheds. This allows us to support with council approval, overcoming obstacles well before they arise.

Our logistics coordination with transportation companies facilitates on-time delivery regardless of component size or route complexity. We even handle the daunting task of poured concrete foundations engineered to spec. This prevents amateur missteps that compromise structural longevity.

Discover why longstanding clients in every sector trust Western Sheds again and again when unrivalled quality and capacity prove paramount.

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Why Our Large Sheds Are The Right Choice

Fully Customised Designs

Unlike prefabricated shed kits with finite adjustment potential, our design process lets you tailor every facet of your large shed’s specifications.

We allow immense flexibility in dimensions, layout, style choices, material selections and accessories. This empowers you to optimise the shed purposefully for your intended storage assets.

Maximising utility is our top priority.

Assistance with Council Approvals

Expanding upwards or outwards beyond standard shed allowances requires additional council consent. We help with approval so you can commence your extensive shed project without delays.

Our team presents construction drawings that spotlight code compliance and proactively address any objections that emerge. Council approval suddenly got a whole lot easier.

Vehicle, Machinery & Equipment Storage

Big sheds give you the covered space to securely store all your valuable vehicles, machinery, stock, and sensitive industrial equipment conveniently in one place.

Raise roller doors to easily drive vehicles in and out while keeping them protected long-term against Perth weather and potential tampering. Alternatively, keep the sheds open allowing for instant and easy access. The choice is yours.

Built With Quality Australian Steel

Reputable BlueScope Steel cladding prevents rust or deterioration from coastal humidity and salt spray. Robust steel framing outperforms timber long-term.

Choose extended paint warranties up to 30 years for supreme corrosion and fade resistance from harsh WA rays.

More Affordable Than Traditional Buildings

For large sheds in Perth, our BlueScope Steel shed designs offer much better value than brick and mortar structures. The ability to manufacture components under factory-controlled settings allows consistency and economies.

We pass significant savings along through our supplier partnerships as well – so not only do you get a premium, high-quality, custom-designed product, but for a great price.

Local Team Focused on Customer Service

Throughout your large shed project, our helpful team based right here in Perth offer guidance and accountability from start to finish, resulting in a seamless experience.

Expect reliable communication, practical solutions when challenges appear, and someone committed to simplifying delivery of your dream shed.

Protect your toys

Big Sheds for Vehicle & Boat Storage

For residential Perth clients looking to securely store and protect recreational vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, and more, our team brings specialised expertise designing large shed sanctuaries tailored to your fleet. We collaborate one-on-one to map out spacious custom layouts aligned to your existing and future assets.

Our design ensures ample driveway access, and incorporates extra ceiling clearance, plus any specialised ventilation to avoid condensation build-up. Based on parking dimensions, we’ll determine the perfect individual custom bay sizes.

Secure & safe for your team

Large Commercial & Industrial Sheds

Across Perth commercial sectors like mining, heavy industry, transportation and agriculture, business owners call upon Western Sheds’ proven large shed and construction expertise for big sheds to protect vital assets from harsh conditions.

We accommodate operations wishing to consolidate vehicles, implements, part inventories and equipment under expansive covered shelters. Our large Perth sheds fabricated from quality Australian steel provide sturdy foundations scaling to any specification thresholds you require while meeting relevant building codes.

Our large shed team brings multifaceted perspectives addressing important nuances specific to your industry. Use a large shed as a base to integrate compliant fixtures such as chemical storage, fire suppression systems, hazmat containment zones, specialised ventilation meeting air quality regulations, and sufficient onsite vehicle access routing for deliveries, cranes, and machinery.

For warehouses, multi-level mezzanines inside large sheds maximise cubic storage. Wherever you aim to take your Perth business, trust our shed advisors to deliver.

Built to last generations

Large Rural & Agricultural Sheds

Farms and rural stations require extensive covered storage as essential infrastructure enabling their operations. Large sheds provide indispensable shelters scalable to handle vital farming equipment like tractors, seeders and combines.

A large shed’s expansive interiors allow machinery circulation for maneuvering items in and out of protected bays. Extra large doors facilitate drive-through access driving vehicles inside for sheltered long-term parking safe from harsh weather elements.

Big sheds also supply indispensable covered workspace for conducting equipment maintenance, repairs and seasonal preparations under-roof rather than exposed yards.

Their large square footage consolidates everything required in one place – designated bays and lean-tos to house harvest trucks, livestock pens with custom gate access to grazing pastures, partitioned workshops with tools, benches, parts racks and mezzanine floors for storing bulk feed/fuel inventories or documentation. With creative vision, large sheds form the backdrop enabling rural producers to thrive.

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Loyal Customers

We had Western Sheds design us a three bay 20m x 11m shed. Justin and Michelle from the office organised all the design paperwork and importantly Michelle was the “go-betweener” to address council requirements and changes required to building envelopes. We strongly recommend Western Sheds if you require a quality designed and built shed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle council approvals for large sheds?

Our engineering team is highly experienced at designing big sheds meeting relevant building codes and getting council consent. We handle the entire approval process so you have nothing to worry about.

How do you transport large-scale sheds?

We work with logistics experts to coordinate semi-trailers, which transport our shed kits safely to your location.

What accessories are important for plus-sized sheds?

Oversized roller or sliding doors, translucent roof sheeting for natural light, roof ventilation systems, and egress lighting enhance functionality. However, the most important accessories will vary on your specific needs and requirements. Our friendly team will be there along the way to provide recommendations on the best accessories.

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