Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Planning Approval and Building Permit?

Planning approvals and building permits are different and are controlled by different Council departments.

This means that you may need to apply for planning approval, or a building permit, or both depending on your proposed development or land use.

If your development does require planning approval, you must obtain the planning approval before lodging a building permit application with the City. A phone call to your local council is recommended.

Do I need a Planning Approval?

Not always, it depends on your proposed development or land use. A phone call to your local council is recommended.

Do I require a Building Permit?

Any fixed structure over 10sqm requires a Building Permit.

Can you help with obtaining the Approval/Permit?

Yes we can, please ask us about this service.

What is the payment structure?

Engineering Drawings: $1,000.00 is required to obtain your engineering drawings. This payment is applied to your account if you proceed with manufacturing your shed kit with us.
Manufacture: 50% of the remaining quoted price is payable to proceed with manufacturing your shed kit.
Pickup: The remaining 50% is payable in order to release your shed kit.

Total shed kit price: $5,000.00
1st payment – $1,000.00
2nd payment – $2,000.00
Final payment – $2,000.00

What payment methods are available?

Cash, cheque, EFT and EFTPOS. VISA/Mastercard credit/debit card transactions attract a surcharge.

Do I have to lay the concrete slab before the shed is installed?

Yes, BlueScope will void their steel warranty if any part of the wall sheeting is used for formwork.

How long does it take to manufacture my shed kit?

From the time you make your 2nd payment (for commencing manufacture) to picking your shed kit up is four (4) weeks.

Where are your shed kits manufactured?

All our products are Australian made. The shed kit is manufactured locally in WA.

Do you do site visits?

Please give us a call to discuss.  We can put you in touch with contractors who can.

What shed sizes can you supply?

We do not stock ready-made sheds. All our shed kits are custom made. This is not to say they are more expensive, you just get exactly what you want.